From RV pads to building concrete foundations for your business, we cater to both minor and major commercial requirements.


Our extensive Concrete Flatwork services include construction of driveways, garage surfaces, and patio floors featuring different textures.


We provide sound concrete solutions to further beautify outdoor living spaces covering patio surfaces, tennis courts, and grill spots etc.


At A. G Construction, we provide myriad services covering driveways, patios, pads, sideways, garage floors while creating cost effective solutions for residential and commercial projects!

Our Experience

What We Aim To Do?

We aspire to grow into absolute concrete specialists in the whole Salt Lake area! We strictly abide by safety protocols using only top notch materials which render most reliable concrete services.

Construction & Engineering

Bringing in extensive experience to help homeowners build their dream homes through our concrete flatwork services. We can build the sturdiest of foundations, handicap accessible structures, and ramps and curbs.

What Our Clients Say?

“Mr. Alexander, the founder of A. G Construction took my case under his direct and undivided attention. He made sure that I was aware of the extensive process and all the technicalities involved. I was delivered my project within the deadline with 100% satisfaction guaranteed.”

—Alan Knightley, Residential Construction Contractor Contrator

The technical and skilled team is a success of every business. This is what I found in an A.G construction team. I really found comfort to acquire A.G’s concrete driveway service done with professionalism. The most phenomenal thing is, it is economical. Thanks for providing such an exceptional service at a reasonable price.

—Harold Chambers, Residential Construction Contractor Contrator

A skilled work was done professionally. Thanks to A.G construction team for constructing an awesome concrete driveway in an economical way. I will definitely look forward towards your service whenever I need in future.

—Rodney Lambert, Residential Construction Contractor Contrator

I really glad to find this service convenient. The price is reasonable and professionalism is seen in a concrete driveway installed. Thanks for providing 100% satisfied service without any hassle and within a committed time.

—Herbert Chapman, Commercial Construction Contractor Contrator