Concrete Stairs Services

The most convenient thing about concrete is the fact that it is moldable and could be customized into varying structures. Whether you need steps for your newly created front porch or need to replace the existing ones, we provide finest quality concrete stairs and steps. We cater every project with utmost care irrespective of its type and magnitude. We extensively cover refinishing of basements and construction of decorative staircases, utilizing many colors and patterns to complement the overall look of your property.

Concrete proves to be a more sustainable and durable alternative to wooden or metallic stairs. They don’t require much maintenance or a high budget for its construction and installation. At A. G Construction, we provide premium and cost effective concrete and stairs construction services in Salt Lake City and Utah. Irrespective of design and application type, all the concrete steps and staircases have much higher longevity and can endure extreme weather conditions through great weather resistance.


They can also be improvised to suit your indoor setting and meet the décor requirements by incorporating finishing touches like wooden textured wallpapers, carpeting rugs and tiles.

Like many other concrete products there is a lot of versatility involved in concrete staircases. Homeowners have the feasibility to choose from myriad designs; from plain and conventional to stamped and exposed aggregate, we help you choose the styles that best suit your property. We also deal in various shapes and textures that can provide a more stylized look.

Our team deals in rounded stairs, straight stairs and spiral styled stairs for a more classical touch. We also provide extended layering for projects that call the need for it. Additional sheens and finishes can also be incorporated to enhance the overall appearance.

Our team at A. G Construction is committed to deliver the best results and craftsmanship through its extensive experience in the field. We believe in offering comprehensive concrete staircase services while keeping affordability intact.