Patio Surfaces

Patios are an important and most striking component of a property and help connect family, friends and neighbors. Guests can be accommodated easily in a wide patio. And therefore it calls for great care and attention. Many types of concrete patios have been introduced while giving homeowners the freedom to choose from myriad types and designs including stamped and stained concrete into various textures like woodwork, stonework, bricks and tiles etc.

Our skilled technicians can transform any patio surface through our years of experience in the industry. We can expertly replicate luxurious textures through this cost effective alternative to cut down the price substantially. You can obtain more than half of those benefits from original materials like wood, stones etc.

A bumpy and shabbier patio surface never makes up to providing complete comfort and safety when children and family is around. Gatherings should be fun and comfortable. And at A. G Construction, we help our customers achieve that with complete convenience. Our knowledgeable staff is very customer friendly and will help you manage along with the construction work required at your property, taking care of all the machinery professionally. Our team will help you from start till end— helping you get through the entire process.

The type of the patio layout determines what sort of materials and types of surfaces you would want. Following are some concrete types featured in our solutions:

  • Modern
  • Antique
  • Traditional
  • Rustic
  • Tropical